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Packages are great for when you are just starting out, as everything you need is covered at once with just one ridiculously reasonable fee!

All you have to do is decide what services you require, and we will combine them into a specialised package for you, for a fee that suits your budget.

Full Consultation

A friendly, fun consultation via Zoom, telephone or even text chat! Whichever you are most comfortable with is fine by us. We will discuss your business, your vision and what you would like to achieve. This is a free service that is available to all of our clients.


Start from scratch to build your business up from the bottom! We can help you come up with a business name, key wording, get a feel of your ethics, create your bespoke colour palette and so much more. 

Logo Design

One of our expert designers will work alongside you to create a unique, eye catching logo that suits your business perfectly.

Web Design

A website is the hub of your business. It can be a quick and convenient one-page landing site, or something more elaborate, such as an online shop, or requiring many pages of information. We will work with you to discover your exact requirements, creating and delivering the website of your dreams!

Social Media Set Up & Management

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter... it can all get rather confusing. Let us get all of this set up for you, including profile and header photos, bio information and a memorable username. Then, if you like, we can design some regular posts for you, and arrange scheduling and boosting to your desired audience. How much we do is up to you!

Full Graphic Design Services

Business Cards, Posters, Flyers, Leaflets, Brochures, Price Lists.... Whatever you need to get your name out there! We will design it and can also arrange printing via one of our trusted companies if required! (Please note that printing costs are not included)

Ongoing Support

We will be available to help with any technical issues you may face, including training you and/or your staff members to maintain your website if required.

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